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Even if your relationship ends, you never lose your obligation to your children. Under the law in New Jersey, both parents are required to contribute to the financial support of their children, regardless of relationship status. In the majority of cases, the child or children will have their primary residence with one parent, while the other parent is required to provide child support. Unfortunately, there are situations in which one parent fails to live up to his or her responsibility for making child support payments. At The Elfant Rickett Law Firm, we understand the often contentious issues that arise in child support situations. Our firm’s founder, Rosa Rickett, is a passionate advocate for her clients and she regularly fights for parents in child support enforcement matters. Our family law team will assist you at every stage of the child support enforcement process and we are committed to fighting for the support your children deserve. We are uncompromising in our dedication to our clients, like this one:

“I hired Rosa in the midst of a contentious divorce where my husband was represented by a maniac. Rosa helped me navigate through a trial and we were able to settle our case while in trial. Unfortunately we ended up in post judgement litigation where my ex refused to pay for our son’s private school high school tuition and refused to comply with the terms of our agreement which included not paying for medical expenses. Rosa filed an enforcement motion on my behalf and pretty much every relief was granted by the Court in my favor. Rosa has always been responsive, ethical and thoughtful while representing me. She does her research, knows the law and gets the job done! Hire Rosa and you will be a part of a team throughout your legal process.”

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Child Support Enforcement in New Jersey

In New Jersey, your child custody arrangement has a significant influence in child support calculations, as do contributing factors such as the income of both parents and the number of children involved. Once your child support determination is made, a child support order is entered. This becomes a serious responsibility for the payer, and the recipient can pursue legal action if the payer fails to provide child support per the conditions of the child support order. If you have yet to obtain a child support order, a knowledgeable family law attorney can assist you with this process. In some cases where paternity is an issue, you can also pursue a paternity finding and subsequent child support order. Lastly, if you have an existing child support order in place and the parent ordered to provide support fails to pay, you have a legal avenue through child support enforcement proceedings.

When a payer falls behind on child support payments, he or she is said to be in “arrears.” At this point, the recipient can request a child support enforcement hearing, which will take place before a Hearing Officer or a Family Court Judge. It is highly advisable to have an attorney who can help you successfully navigate through this process and ensure that you receive the child support to which you are entitled.

NJ Child Support Enforcement Tactics

There are a variety of child support enforcement tactics that can be ordered to remedy a situation in which one parent is not paying child support. These include:

  • Wage garnishment/income withholding
  • Reporting to credit agencies
  • Intercepting a portion of the payer’s tax refund
  • Entering a judgment, which establishes a lien on property that the payer owns
  • Seizing the payer’s assets
  • Suspending the payer’s driver’s license or professional license
  • Denying the payer a passport
  • Taking a portion of lottery winnings, civil awards, or settlements
  • Issuing a warrant for the payer’s arrest
  • Filing federal charges in cases in which the payer owes more than $5,000, fails to pay child support for more than a year, or attempts to leave the state to avoid making child support payments

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