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Often at the end of the divorce process, you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief that everything has been finalized and you can move on with your life. However, in many instances, circumstances change in the future and you are in need of a post-divorce modification of child custody, child support, or alimony to suit the new configuration of your life. In order to change a provision of your divorce decree, you must file a post-judgment motion with the Court and provide evidence as to the substantial change in circumstances that warrants a post-divorce modification. On the other hand, if your former spouse is seeking to change an element of your divorce agreement and you disagree with their request, you must protect yourself and your current arrangement. Clearly, the process of modifying child custody, parenting time, spousal or child support after divorce can be complex and contentious. When you are dealing with post-divorce issues, a New Jersey divorce lawyer can serve as an invaluable asset to assist you in reaching your goals.

Rosa Rickett is a highly experienced NJ divorce attorney whose practice is dedicated to divorce and family law matters. She has spent her career helping individuals and families with some of the most challenging divorce and family law issues, and her clients trust her as a long-term partner both during and after their initial divorce process is complete. For example, one client described her experience with Rosa this way:

“I hired Rosa in the midst of a contentious divorce where my husband was represented by a maniac. Rosa helped me navigate through a trial and we were able to settle our case while in trial. Unfortunately we ended up in post judgement litigation where my ex refused to pay for our son’s private school high school tuition and refused to comply with the terms of our agreement which included not paying for medical expenses. Rosa filed an enforcement motion on my behalf and pretty much every relief was granted by the Court in my favor. Rosa has always been responsive, ethical and thoughtful while representing me. She does her research, knows the law and gets the job done! Hire Rosa and you will be a part of a team throughout your legal process.” – Former Client 

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Post-Divorce Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

You or your ex-spouse may seek to modify a variety of divorce-related issues after your divorce settlement or judgment has been finalized. In some cases, post-divorce issues can be resolved through mediation, while others require litigation to reach a new agreement or uphold the current one. The most common modifications of final divorce decrees in New Jersey involve child custody/parenting time, child support, and alimony/spousal support, all of which are discussed in more detail below.

Modifying Child Custody after Divorce

Your original child custody arrangement reflected the current circumstances of you and your family and the best interests of your child at the time. Of course, life inevitably evolves and changes, and your child custody/parenting time may need to change accordingly. In order to change child custody after divorce, you need to show a significant change in circumstances. The courts will then evaluate a variety of factors before making a decision, including: the child’s age, schedule, medical or educational needs, the parents’ jobs and time commitments, and parental fitness (i.e. domestic violence or substance abuse). Post-divorce changes to child custody may also become an issue if one parent decides to relocate.

Child Support Modifications after Divorce

New Jersey is extremely strict when it comes to modifying child support after divorce. Specifically, in order to change a child support order, a person must demonstrate to the Court that he or she has experienced a significant and permanent change in circumstances. Examples that meet this requirement include: unemployment for over one year, severe illness, permanent disability, a modification of the child custody/parenting time arrangement, or a significant increase in the income of the parent providing support.

Changing Alimony Post-divorce

In order to apply for a modification, reduction, or termination of alimony in New Jersey, the person making the application must show that a significant change in circumstances warrants such a change in the spousal support order contained in the final divorce decree. Courts may grant a change in alimony post-judgment based on things like: a significant increase in the cost of living; a significant change in the payer’s income; illness, disability or infirmity; if the alimony recipient remarries or cohabitates with another; or if the payer reaches retirement age.

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